Strike While the Iron is Hot

The Way Back Machine

A long time ago I had the opportunity to invest in a small business. Naturally, life had other ideas. Our children were small, and while I had the money there were a whirlwind of problems that siphoned much of it away. I didn’t want to dig too deeply into savings to close the deal, so declined. Well, that small business went on to become a million dollar company that sold for quite a tidy sum. It’s a lesson that’s always stuck with me, as we all know hind sight is 20/20. I don’t regret that decision because it could have easily gone the other way and I would have been struggling. With a family to support. However, the general attitude in business is to just go for it. I appreciate that attitude, but temper it with a bit of stability. So, Who Moved my Cheese and Rich Dad / Poor Dad may disagree, but I keep a foundation under me when reaching.

Years passed while I worked on my current business concept, and no other opportunities popped up along the way. Anyway, I was discussing my concept of developing and selling my own line of miniatures with Jose. With no hesitation he said they could manufacture the miniatures. As it happens, Jose runs a small company called PMW – Prototyping & Manufacturing Works, Inc. Could this be fortuitous? I’d also like to point out, while this may be my first post discussing Jose, it definitely will not be my last. He’s a whiz when it comes to 3D modeling. His specialties include creating movie props, robots / robotics, prototyping, and generally being really good at what he does.

The Future’s So Bright…

We have been discussing the idea for awhile, kicking concepts back and forth, when one day he approached me with a business opportunity. He proposed I become a half owner of a new 3D printer he was looking at purchasing. Now, this isn’t one of those $600 deals that produces things that look like they come from a $600 printer. No, it’s the real thing. This time I didn’t hesitate and went for it. So, not only am I actively investing in my own future, I’m helping another business owner in some small way. Additionally, I’ll be able to develop the entire project right here in the good ole’ USA. I will not have to worry about the financial quagmire that is working with Chinese manufacturers. Especially now.

So, my miniatures line based on the Stone Valley fantasy setting is that much closer to becoming a reality. Regardless on how things eventually work out, at the very least I will learn, and grown, and drive on. Just like a shark needs to always be swimming, I think we’re at our best when learning and trying new things. Also, I am maintaining my base, so even if everything falls apart I’ll have the lessons learned, but will still be able to live. Seems like a win all around to me.