The Gang’s All Here

In the search for distributors I had selected my top three based on products they carried, warehouse location, and their ratings. As an e-commerce shop there are a few more hurdles I have to clear in order to get an account set up, so I figured if I didn’t secure all three I’d keep moving down my initial list of the top 6. Well, today sealed it, I’m three for three – I have my distributor base. Each one has a bit of a specialty, but the top products are carried by all three – which allows me to compare. Two of the three have free shipping at a certain threshold, and in the retail business it’s not too hard to meet that threshold. So to celebrate I…went back to work. Tonight I continued my work from yesterday and narrowed down my first list of board games, and after starting with about 40 titles ended up with the nine best rated games that met all my other criteria. It’s a more manageable number, and with the Kickstarter games rolling in…whenever (never can tell…right?), and keeping an eye on the boards I should be able to keep fresh games coming in. Next on the product docket is card games. Since I cannot pick up MTG from distributors, I’ll stick with singles sales from MTG I pick up locally. In card games I will once again have to be a bit creative, because the CCG market is another one of those places you can just fall into and never come out the other side. Unlike the board games, I will probably limit the CCGs to an even smaller selection; two, or even one offering outside of the MTG singles. This will give me three advantages: Excellent knowledge of the product, easier to manage, and focusing on certain clientele that know we carry certain products. Sometimes it’s better the be the best at a few things than mediocre at a lot of things.