The Obelisk Miniature

Eric discusses our very first original product, the Obelisk miniature. After demonstrating a few ways it can be used in your roleplaying game he explains how the Obelisk ties in with the Stone Valley store name. Eric also discusses our collaboration with other veteran-owned businesses to bring you original products like this one.

Interested in picking one up? Check it out here:

While not expressly explained in the video, we encourage you to share other uses for the Obelisk in your games with us. We’d love to see your completed photos of the Obelisk once you’ve finished painting it. Or, leave it with the primer and show us photos of you using it with your gaming group!

As always, shipping for orders over $100 is free. In support of our veterans around the world doing the hard thing, any shipments to AA / AE / AP is absolutely free.