We Forge Ahead

It is with heavy hearts that we move on, but the world continues to spin at an incredible rate…seemingly unconcerned with the goings-on of those on the surface. We have been very busy, with another major milestone out of the way after pinning down our logo – what do you think? It’s transparent – so any color it sits on looks like the natural backdrop.

So, while we sell hobby and game items, we will eventually (sooner rather than later) branch into our own line of miniatures based on the Stone Valley fantasy world that we developed. The key piece of this fantasy world is the strange obelisk in the mega-continent’s central valley, which I write about in the fantasy setting tab. In any case, the obelisk is the “stone” in Stone Valley, so we wanted to showcase it. Our motto is important too, because we are serious about providing good service to those who shop with us. I also updated the front page of the website to make it work better with the new logo, mostly just the header and footer for now.

As you know, I broke the website product display and shop with a faulty plugin and am just putting everything back together. Frustrating, because with not much time to work on this to begin with, losing days to a mistake is brutal. To avoid those mistakes in the future I sprung for some better plugins that will auto backup and work better with the inventory. Talking about inventory, we have received our first shipments! It has all been inventoried and set on shelves…and then I realized we needed to weigh and measure everything for the shipping plugin – we’ll probably work on that this weekend. Now that there’s inventory in the store I am working in earnest to get the website ready. I anticipate a few months still, as I need to build the physical product base up more. While I get website functionality to work the real arduous job of building out the product list in the system begins. One thing at a time though…next is fixing the Shop.