We Now Offer Media Mail Rates!

While our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Special of Free US Continental Shipping on $50 orders continue, we have also just broken the code for Media Mail! For those who may not know, Media Mail is an extremely affordable shipping rate for books, video, and audio products. In our case, we carry all of these absolutely wonderful roleplaying game books where traditional shipping can be quite expensive. For example, one of our $19.95 books costs an average of $12.20 to ship with regular mail, but with media mail that same book costs $3.33 to ship! So much more affordable!

However, if there is an item in the cart that does not meet the requirements for Media Mail, the option will not be available. That's because improper use of Media Mail can lead to fines, or worse, and no one wants that!

Once we fully understood the rules, I developed a characterizing methodology and labeled all the items in our shop with the proper digital label, worked the logic puzzle with our shipping software, and put it into place.

We undertook this task because we are always trying to make things better for our customers, and continue to grow every day! In any case, if you'd like to take it for a spin you can check out the Roleplaying Games section in the menu above, where we have plenty of amazing source books to whisk you away to so many wonderful worlds!

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