Weekly Store Update: 13 December

What an incredible week! We brought in over 20 individual prerelease titles, and we were able to turn all of our preorders around in less than 24 hours. Needless to say we have a bunch of new games for you to check out, along with some restock and preorders. We met with the good folks at Pencil First Games and also sat down for a game of Cartographers with Thunderworks games. All-in-all an extremely productive and satisfying week!

The week began with some correspondence with Jessica Walker of Pencil First Games. We carry a few of their games, namely Herbaceous and One Hundred Torii, and we appreciate their low key, relaxing gameplay. At the end of our conversation we had worked a retailer partnership with them going forward. We also learned about their upcoming title The Whatnot Cabinet, and you may want to check it out as it looks like a winner. 

Then mid-week we sat down with the good folks at Thunderworks Games. They were looking to teach and play Cartographers over the internet to interested retailers...and you know we are definitely interested retailers. The play over distance worked really well. They demonstrated how easy it is to set up and run a game, and we may look into doing something like that in the future with our customers. We were even rewarded! Since we participated they gifted our shop some promo cards that you'll see soon. You know, I had forgotten how nice and puzzly the game is and need to get it back to the table again soon. 

The end of the week brought our giant shipment of wonderful, marvelous games. Our allotment of Lost Ruins of Arnak and Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings were sold out prior to them showing up on our doorstep, but I'm proud to say we turned everything around in well under 24 hours. I understand a lot of customers probably stumbled on us as they were searching for any stores with remaining allocations. Well, we're hoping we made an impression on them with our communications, timeliness, personalization, and package preparation. Let's see if we can get some of them back to shop again. I know that's a lot to ask for though. A lot of folks just want their games, and want them now, and don't really concern themselves with the 'who' or 'how' - and that's perfectly understandable too. That's why we're tickled pink when folks go out of their way to give us a bump. You know though, kudos or no, we're here for the gamers! 

Below are the Restocks, New Items, and Preorders added to the shop last week. You can click on the item to learn more, many of the products have review and gameplay videos so you can see the game in action. Also, if you'd like to keep up with our giveaways, sales, new products, and articles just create an account here. Once created you will be subscribed to our newsletter and become enrolled in our loyalty system, instantly earning 50 Stones that you can use on your very first order. A Stone? One Stone is equivalent to One Cent. That doesn't sound like much, but you earn 2 Stones for every dollar spent and 5 for each product review, so though it may seem small, those savings add up fast! Redeem your Stones upon checkout, and they can save you up to 10% off your cart total. Loyalty Matters! 


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