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Weekly Store Update: 4 April

Happy Easter, and I'm happy to report we're just about thru our "second winter" here...which we've become quite used to over the years. I don't know about you, but this year seems to be flying along very quickly too, so we try to enjoy the little things the best we can when we have the chance! Not too many restocks this week, but several new board game and roleplaying game titles and preorders for you to check out. We have a bit of news to share too! 

Hey all, Eric here, your host with... well, maybe not 'the most'...but not much else rhymes... Anyway, for those new to the weekly report this top portion of the post is our shop news. If you want to skip to the games you can jump down to the bottom of the post and see the restocks, new items, and preorders we laid in last week. Let's get to it!

You may notice we carry some games you won't easily find everywhere. One such title is Village Attacks. Village Attacks originates in Europe and doesn't have a US distribution channel so we're one of the only places it can be found. In any case, we've had a few customers specifically asking about expansions. Well, over the course of the last several months we've built up a good relationship with Grimlord Games, the publisher of Village Attacks - namely through Mike Brown. After explaining what we wanted to do he was on board right away. Now, realize this is a bit of a financial dance for both of us as it's a very fine line to profitability, especially with the shipping costs involved. However, with Mike's help we were able to make it work well enough to price everything right at retail. Considering we provide free US Continental shipping at $100+ orders that's an exceptional deal for everyone involved and we can't help but toss a shout out to Mike for working with us! Bottom Line: the expansions are on the way, and you should see them pop up in the store sometime in the next few weeks! 

Also, we anticipate a fairly extensive Arkham Horror resupply next week. We've noticed Fantasy Flight has been stepping up their reprint game lately, and we're hoping for more of the same going forward! Now, if they could just get their preorders out on time... but, we can't have everything, can we?!

Then, we received a mysterious message from our primary distributor sales representative that "next weeks is going to be a big week." Now, it could be nothing, but we've been working with Paul for a long time and he's never told us that before... so I'm excited to see what's going to happen! We do know that Asmodee has taken distribution of several sought after games (Black Orchestra and Everdell to name a few) so maybe it's that? Oh, the anticipation!

Finally, you might have noticed there's been a little pause in reviews from Jason (neotrunks2002), who helms the Meeple, Myself and I Solo Gaming Reviews on Board Game Geek. You may know we support Jason by providing review copies of games and he mentions our store in his review. We usually don't push his reviews in this newsletter as I don't want to send out too many newsletters or be blamed for spamming folks, so the most you'll ever see from us is two a week. Instead, we push his reviews on our Facebook page. If you're familiar with his work you know he does an excellent job, which is a big reason why it's been an exceptional partnership thus far. In any case, the pause is his delving into the realm of podcasts. He's experimenting and working on a format and all of that, and we wish him the very best! I can tell you from experience, there are not a lot of good podcasts, especially good podcasts relating to solo gaming. Well, obviously we're fans of Solosaurus, but you probably already knew that. 😀 

Anyway, enough news! Below are the Restocks, New Items, and Preorders added to the shop last week. You can click on the item to learn more, many of the products have review and gameplay videos so you can see the game in action. If you're visiting and you'd like to keep up with our giveaways, sales, new products, and articles like this one just create an account here. Once created you will be subscribed to our newsletter and become enrolled in our loyalty system, instantly earning 50 Stones that you can use on your very first order. A Stone? One Stone is equivalent to One Cent. That doesn't sound like much, but you earn 2 Stones for every dollar spent and 5 for each product review, so though it may seem small, those savings add up fast! Redeem your Stones upon checkout, and they can save you up to 10% off your cart total. Loyalty Matters! 


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