weekly store update 231117

Head’s Up – Black Friday…is Next Friday!!

Black Friday Sale Highlights

First of all, keep an eye out next Thursday, as that is when the detailed newsletter containing the all-important Discount Code and sale specifics will land. If you're participating in a Thanksgiving shindig, you can check out the newsletter at your leisure before you fall blissfully into a food coma. At least...that's my plan 😀 

I'm going to keep this short and focused on the highlights. First of all, everything in the store will be 55% off for the Black Friday Sale!! The sale will run from 9:00 AM Central Time 24 November thru 11:59 PM 25 November. We will be using a discount code, which will be revealed in next weeks' Newsletter. The code will also be prominently displayed on the website, so if you miss the newsletter, you can still grab that code. 

Please help us spread the word far and wide! Not only board games, but we have so many Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and other roleplaying game books that folks have not seen at these prices from us...ever before. And, don't forget the card sleeves, dice, and other gaming accessories! What a perfect time to save a bundle on all of that too. 

The storefront will be closed, but local customers can definitely stop by for curbside pickup. We'll have special pickup dates for the week after the sale too. 

We will support free Contiguous US shipping on orders of $100 and greater, and as always will provide free shipping to our overseas military and diplomats in AA, AE, or AP addresses regardless of order size.

That's it! Those are your high-level Black Friday sales details, and we hope you find some wonderful games at rock bottom prices next week. See you soon!!