A Moment of Silence

I’m going to pause my store update today and instead mourn the passing of Wendy’s father-in-law from her ex-husband’s side, Bill. Yes, that may seem odd, but Wendy’s girls were Bill’s only granddaughters so even when Wendy went on to marry me, Bill remained in the picture. He was the kind of man that’s almost virtually impossible to dislike. I always picture him when I hear the word gregarious. He lived a full life, from military service to the police and then a long standing restaurant in downtown Nashville. He had retired a few years ago and was really enjoying retirement with his wife when the unexpected cancer diagnosis came. Quick with a smile and even quicker with that rich, southern chuckle, Bill was convinced he’d beat this thing. I, for one, never would have bet against him. He even kept his full mane of grey hair through all the treatments. Things turned quickly, as they sometimes do, but he still did the things that made him happy right up until the end. He went to our daughter Lexie’s wedding last month, and just days ago spent one last evening listening to the waves crash along the beach. We are saddened and a little in shock, but we will keep Bill alive with our stories and fond memories, and our love for him will remain forever strong.