We Bid Him a Fond Farewell

We returned from the funeral in a somber mood. Don’t get me wrong, the service was excellent. In this funeral everything being said was easily the truth and no one needed to embellish anything. Even though we know Bill is in a better place, there’s that empty feeling. We’ll never hear his stories, hear that laugh, see the patented Cheshire grin, or dodge his candid barbs again.

There’s something about seeing someone for the last time that brings things into sharp focus. Like – are we spending the quality time we should be with the ones that really matter? I hesitantly say “yes”. Hesitantly because I’m personally spending a lot more time tied to this keyboard and website right now than ever before. This business venture was answering the question “One Day…or Day One”. It’s about reaching for things, nudging us out of our comfort zones and turning thoughts into reality. However, it’s been consuming every second of my day.

Of course it’s only until everything is up and running, but today made me think about it more than ever. Almost all of my spare time goes into this, and I already had a difficult time with work-home balance. So, I need to take a few breaks a week to just spend with Wendy keeping the fires burning until the website is built and we can focus on inventory and shipping. Same thing with games. Games bring us all together for quality fun, and that’s been taking a severe hit lately. So, my goal is set – to make sure I’m still the husband and father I need to be while continuing to build this. Bill…even providing life lessons from the beyond.