Where have the games gone?

It’s inevitable, really. Standing this business up has been on my mind for over a decade. I was going to initially pick it up when I retired from my day job. However, with the children all but grown up and gone, this seemed like a good thing for Wendy and I to get into together. I’ve got the business savvy and vision, and she has the customer support and logistics. We never really talked about roles…we already kind of had them. Well, now that we’re in full build up mode I realized almost every waking available minute is going into this…and I love it. It’s really energizing me. However, gaming has taken a hit. The original idea for this blog was to talk about all things gaming, but it’s become a journal of the business venture instead. It’s natural, I suppose, and I’m sure gaming will emerge again once things are humming…but I do wonder if this will be the new normal. No time to fret, I need to get back to my research.