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New Year…New Crowdfunding Arrivals!

Still trying to figure out the new schedule after our recent realignment, but we're here for it. Honestly, I thought things were going to slow down considerably, but we've gone from zero to nine new crowdfunding titles in the first two weeks of the year! That'll teach me to anticipate a break in the tempo. Anyway, let's talk about these new games a bit, shall we?


Welcome to our newsletter! I'm Eric, and Wendy and I own/operate Stone Valley Games. This newsletter is our way to share information about new game arrivals. It also provides our subscribers some information on the going's on around here. At the very bottom of the newsletter we show you everything that's newly arrived. Previously this was a weekly published newsletter, but as we're primarily waiting for crowdfunded games to arrive (and you know how random that can be) - it's not nearly as frequent. In any case, let's get to it!


Board Games

Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition with Monstrosities Bundle. This is a co-op worker placement strategy game for 1 - 7 players. The concept is to work together and build a cosmic gate to save your people before the inevitable catastrophic event. This scores in the high 7's on Board Game Geek with over 1,000 ratings (and has the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence).

We've scoured the internet and couldn't find another bundle like this one. Additionally, our price for this bundle is well below the average cost if you added the different pieces together from different vendors.

Glory: A Game of Knights (Lord Pledge). This is an interesting strategy title for 1 - 4 players with both PvP and PvE tournament types - so makes a decent multiplayer or solo game. It combines a bit of worker placement and tournaments / duels. The idea is to become famous through tournaments, titles, and minstrels singing about your deeds. (I can't help think about Brave Sir Robin from Monty Python and the Holy Grail...)

Like most Kickstarter titles, this one comes with all the exclusive items, including the metal coin set. Additionally, we're selling this at our standard customer friendly price. Next lowest price we've seen is $95.00 for a used copy.

Hunted: Wode Ridge (Kickstarter with Playmat). The latest in the Hunted series, Wode Ridge is a 1 - 2 player thematic game that whisks you away to the small Colorado town set in the 1980's. Think Stranger Things meets E.T.-type of environment, and you'll have the overall theme. This is not a strategy game, and the dice / card draw can put players behind early. I don't have a problem with it though, as thematic games like this mirror how difficult some situations can be. Overall this title also demonstrates growth from previous Hunted games and is probably better as a pure solo than with two players.

This Kickstarter version includes the playmat right in the box - which is super convenient. As is our trend giving you a little something, we're selling this at the same price point as others selling their version without the mat.

Unsettled (Supernova with Sleeves). A thematic game for 2 - 4 players, your crew of explorers cooperate to survive in the unforgiving far reaches of the cosmos. Highly replayable, every time you put the game on the table different combinations of survival tasks and items to discover keep things fresh. This is rated in the 8's on Board Game Geek with just under 2,000 ratings... not too shabby!

The Supernova with Sleeves Kickstarter version is the top tier offering with literally everything available for the game. We've priced our version at the same as others have without the sleeves - so it's like you get the 9 packages of sleeves for free!

Roleplaying Games

For each of our new roleplaying games you will see [with Bonus] which means you'll have instant access to the PDF when you order from us - make sure to set up your account first! Additionally, we've priced each of these at the standard book price - so the PDFs are literally free here where you'd have to pay extra for them anywhere else.

The Devil Made Us Do It. Three games in one offering! There's Stealing Stories for the Devil, Who the Devil Are You, and The Devil's Dandy Dogs. These are "zero-prep" roleplaying games where you just open the box, sit down and begin to play. In the primary game, you're thieves from the future who can "lie" things into existence. I'm telling you, this is a really interesting game and instead of taking the six hundred words required to explain it further, I encourage you to go check it out in depth on our website or at Monte Cook's site. One more thing, this Kickstarter version will not be available in regular retail, so if you want the whole package you know where to find it.

Ascent of the Leviathan (both 5E and Old School Essentials versions). This is an adventure for character levels 2 - 4. The premise is you're on the open ocean running from pirates when an enormous jellyfish floats to the surface and entraps everyone. Then it's a complex situation attempting to sink the jellyfish while remaining free of pirate hijinks.

Peril in Olden Wood (Old School Essentials). This is an adventure for character levels 3 - 5. It's a regional adventure with a primary focal point. It has a very balanced amount of interactivity between what the setting offers and what the party provides. Bottom line, there's a lot to do...but not an overwhelming amount that's too tedious to track. Honestly, it's fascinating to play thru and realize all of the activities interconnect, keeping your party well entertained throughout. It's a good one!

The Cauldron (Old School Essentials). This is an adventure for character levels 3 - 7. This, like the titles before, is a relatively short (two to five session) adventure that can be expanded upon greatly or dropped in your own homebrew relatively seamlessly. Here we enjoy the pirate life, with requisite dangerous treasure island and everything. It has a refreshing amount of detail, and really...a deeply fascinating encounter with harpies. Like...I was flung right back into the olden days with this one - in a good way.


Nothing really new to talk about regarding operations this early into the new year. You know though, it has actually felt busier than our old schedule thus far. Instead of running the shop and handling the influx as part of my regular day, I'm coming home from work and starting on it once I arrive. Honestly, I've done most of it on the weekends. I'm sure this relatively high volume will settle out as there is no possible way this amount of Kickstarter influx will remain constant for very long. 

Sales have been comparable to our newly reduced inventory, so that part has been much easier to handle than before. Our Magic the Gathering sales have been strong, and fold right into the overarching new concept quite nicely. Things are picking up with the new Ravnica Remastered set release, but nothing unbearable. Still plenty of time for Wendy and I to unwind at the end of the day, which isn't a bad thing at all 😀 All-in-all, I'm still working on my sea legs, but am feeling good about everything.  

New Arrivals


  1. Robyn Adkins on March 23, 2024 at 12:21 pm

    Just found you, picked up one of your Atlantis Rising bundles. Hello from California! Sorry to read about your storefront. Happy to support a family business, and will do so as often as possible!

    • Stone Valley on March 23, 2024 at 2:25 pm

      Thanks for the note Robyn! We’re glad you’ve digitally stopped in, and I’m about to send you more information on your order. Thanks! -Eric