store update 231208

Our Closeout Sale is…Close!

Make sure to mark your calendar for the 16th and 17th to highlight our Closeout Sale. We're going out with a bang and listing everything in our webstore at 60% off! There are tons of Board Games, RPGs, minis, and gaming supplies that have never been priced that low here...or, anywhere really. 

For those who might have seen our transition newsletter, this will be our last major sale ever, at least in our current form. Upon the new year we will be primarily a trading card and sporadic crowdfunding shop for the Kickstarter's we had previously signed up for.

This newsletter is to provide general information and next Friday we will release another newsletter with the discount code and any changes - but here's the current plan:

The sale will run from 9:00 AM Central Time 16 December thru 11:59 PM Central Time 17 December. We will be using a discount code, which will be revealed in next week's Newsletter. Not to worry if you miss that Newsletter, the code will also be prominently displayed on the website at the same time the Newsletter is published. 

We will support free Contiguous US shipping on orders of $100 and greater, and as always, we will provide free shipping to our overseas military and diplomats in AA, AE, or AP addresses regardless of order size.

This will be the last opportunity for you to use your Stones! Our popular Stones program was discontinued early last month, and after the Closeout Sale any remaining Stones will be eliminated. So, if you have them, use them! 

We need your help to get the word out regarding this sale. If you could share with your gaming groups or any social media sites / blogs / etc., we would greatly appreciate it! We really are trying to liquidate our remaining stock. Anything left after this sale will be donated to our local Madison County library system. The more you buy, the less we have to haul! 😀 

That's it! Those are your high-level Closeout Sale details. Tell a friend or three, and we hope to see you in our online shop next weekend!


  1. Anonymous on December 9, 2023 at 9:24 pm

    Are you also doing a in-person sale?

    • Stone Valley on December 10, 2023 at 9:18 am

      The storefront will be closed to foot traffic, but local customers can order online and pick it up here. –Eric