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Our Spring Update

It's been a few since I provided an update, but the juggle of everything is keeping me a bit busier than I anticipated. Wanted to give you an update on what's been going on here, and discuss a few sales & new items that are available. 


Just in is the Kickstarter Collector's Edition of Bardwood Grove. This is a tableau-composition euro where players take on the role of a fantastical bard. The game introduces mechanics in an iterative way and grows in depth and fun as the game progresses. You can check out more details below. As for pricing, we're aggressively priced, as always, and look to be among the lowest around. It comes with free shipping too! 


While we're currently sold out of Orange Shall Overcome, there's a decent chance we can get a few more copies. If you want to have a chance of securing a copy I suggest you add it to your Wishlist. While the publisher may ultimately give us a refund instead, we're trying to push them for additional copies. They seem okay with the idea, so we'll see how it goes. 


Actually, adding items to your Wishlist is the best way to find out when games listed in the Pending Crowdfunded arrive too, so let me dig into that. It's especially important as the number of newsletters we are sending out is less frequent than in years past. 

You need to be signed into your SVG account for it to work. Simply click on the item to get to the 'game view' where you'll see the 'Add to Wishlist' icon. Click that and then click 'View Wishlist' on the popup. Once in your Wishlist, click 'Notifications' and in there you can check the box on 'Product stock status changed'. Then, once we add inventory to the product, you'll get an email notification. Nothing to it!


We have several of the remaining items in our Tabletop Games section on deep discount as well. You'll be hard pressed to find deals like them anywhere. You'll notice some of them are priced at just over $100. We did this to ensure they receive free shipping. With the way shipping rates are, you should know those become fantastic deals. Like, I could price at less than $80, but you'd very likely pay much more than the currently listed price just for shipping. We're just trying to help! 


It's been a bit of a blur, but the transition to full time day job and part time hobby store owner is basically complete. I'm getting better at managing my time during the work weeks and weekends. It's interesting, as the requirements for the store lessen, I'm becoming more engaged with the family - especially our grandson who lives quite close. I anticipate that transition will continue until all of the crowdfunded titles eventually flow thru the shop. That's still a ways off though, so don't know for sure what we'll do at that point. Until then, we're enjoying putting smiles on gamers faces and pleased to be able to share some of these hard to find titles with our long-time supporters. We wish you and yours the very best, and we'll be back with an update a bit down the road. Take care!

New Items


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    Thanks for the update!

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