Game Spotlight: Castle Itter

This week's spotlight is on Castle Itter, a solo board game based on one of the strangest battles of WWII. How strange? Well...the Germans sided with the Americans to fight the Nazis. I either have your attention or...wait, I see you're seeing "wargame" and want to high-tail it out of here, right? Hold on, as this is considered one of the very best games to introduce wargames to the casual player. Look, you don't have to take my word for it. Right now you can check out Episode #55 over at the Solosaurus podcast where Brandon and Carter will break it down. Will it earn the coveted "Stomp of Approval"? Hard to tell, you probably know as well as we do on how hard that is to earn, but their podcast will definately narrow down for you if this is a game you'd like to try or not. 

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