January 26th release of new Pathfinder Second Edition products!

January 26 brought the release of new Pathfinder Second Edition products! There are the main four products. Pawns – Bestiary Box, Weapons and Armor Deck, Extinction Curse Part 1 Adventure Path – The Show Must Go On, and Lost Omens Gods and Magic in Hardcover. Additionally, we have bundled the six-part Age of Ashes Adventure Path. We’ve listed this bundle at a really fantastic value, and have it ready to go too!

Pathfinder Second Edition smooths out Pathfinder’s tactical combat. It does this without losing the complexity that makes it a gaming system unto itself at the table. We carry the full line of Pathfinder Second Edition products! Stone Valley would love to be your Friendly Distant Game Store for all your Pathfinder needs. Come check us out!