Marvel Champions: Doctor Strange

Just released! When renowned surgeon Doctor Stephen Strange sought to fix his broken hands through magical means, he found a new calling in life. Utilizing mystic forces beyond our mortal understanding, Doctor Strange now protects our dimension as the Sorcerer Supreme!

With the Doctor Strange Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Doctor Strange calls upon forces beyond our understanding, represented within the game by a unique Invocation deck. As the defender of our dimension, the Doctor Strange Hero Pack offers a fully pre-built deck using the Protection aspect to ensure your team of heroes can defend against any attack, from this mortal realm or beyond!

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Marvel Champions LCG: Doctor Strange


1 – 4 Players, 45 – 90 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. Marvel Champions LCG: Doctor Strange is an expansion for and requires the Marvel Champions base game to play. Now you can play the Sorcerer Supreme and thwart the forces of evil! Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games. Categories: Expansion and Card Game. Game Mechanics: Cooperative Game and Variable Player Powers. Marvel Champions is a Living Card Game which releases updates to the game periodically. You must have the base game Marvel Champions the Card Game to play.


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