Old-School Essentials Now Here!

They’re Here! We have several Old-School Essential rule books and two brand-new adventures! They can be found in the Roleplaying Games area of the shop under Old School Essentials and Dolenwood. Remember, with each purchase of a physical product we will also include instructions on how to obtain a complementary PDF!

OSE: Classic Fantasy: Black Box: $59.99 (MSRP $66.00)
Domenwood: Winter’s Daughter: $13.99 (MSRP $16.50)
The Hole in the Oak (Adventure): $13.99 (MSRP $16.50)
OSE: Advanced Fantasy: Genre Rules: $13.99 (MSRP $16.50)
OSE: Advanced Fantasy: Druid and Illusionist Spells: $13.99 (MSRP $16.50)

As you may know, we were a retail backer for Necrotic Gnome’s amazing Old School Essentials (or OSE) black box back in their original Kickstarter. A critically acclaimed modular retro-clone, OSE is a highly polished, 100% accurate restatement of the beloved 1981 Basic / Expert rules. Its editing and layout remain unrelentingly focused on ease of use during play. They took our beloved roleplaying game of old, dusted it off and refreshed it for today! We liked the product so well we decided to stick with Necrotic Gnome for all of their other products as well. Good Stuff!

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