Old School Essentials – Preorders En route!

Eyes Up ye’ purveyors of roleplaying fare from ages anon! Oh! Sorry about that. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that the preorders are making their way through the hinterlands on their way from Europe. We should have them in hand in less than a week. What items are on the way? Great question!

OSE: Classic Fantasy: Rules Tome (Scryer Cover)
OSE: Classic Fantasy: Player’s Rules Tome
OSE: Classic Fantasy: Referee’s Screen

Just click the link and check them out. We ordered several extra of each item (you can see the remaining quantity at the product level), so if you want to preorder now there’s still time! Our preorder system is a bit unique. The short version is, each preorder must be made separately – but if we ship preorder items on the same day we will reimburse any extra shipping you paid when you preorderd this way. Easy peasy!

You may have heard Gavin talking about a US distributor. True. Soon Exalted Funeral will be the hub of North American distribution and I believe they will be set up by the end of April. Worry not though, we will continue to work with Gavin as we have been and now Matt over at Exalted Funeral to bring you all the OSE goodness. We’ve been on board since the Kickstarter and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

As a side note, we have also begun establishing partnerships with independent artists producing OSE products, adventures, races and such under the OSE Third Party license. Some of these products will absolutely knock your socks off, and we cannot wait to show you the first few… so close!

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