Old School Essentials RPG Restock!


We are so happy to announce we are again stocked up on the Old School Essentials, or OSE products developed by Necrotic Gnome! For those who may not know, OSE is a loving recreation of the classic roleplaying game rules from '81 made even better with new art, cleaner layout, and more concise/easy to find rules. It's the game done right! Also with every physical book you'll get the PDF for free! 

You can take a look at the products below, or jump to our OSE page. I can tell you it has been a wild ride securing our restock though! We initially worked directly with Gavin, the creator of OSE, and had the books shipped from Europe. Then, Gavin coordinated to have a North American distributor take over shipping and right as he was going to ship them the giant order of books COVID shut everything down. Months and months passed. Then at the end of July the shipment was released from Europe and a few weeks of setup / coordination later and we're flush again. We are confident that future stock will be much, much easier to fill, and we look forward to sharing this game with roleplaying game fans - it really is an amazing product!

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