Pathfinder Miniatures!

We have been looking for ways to provide pre-painted miniatures without the gamble aspect of selling Boosters or Booster Bricks. After all, Miniature Boosters are the kinds of things you want to hold, so you can tell which is just the right one! Well, as we are going to remain curbside delivery and e-commerce for the foreseeable future we won't be able to support that 'hands on' aspect, which is all the fun! Also, we wanted to steer away from D&D and focus on the Roleplaying Games we have stocked, like Pathfinder. Seemingly impossible, right? Then, WizKids just released their first set of Pathfinder miniatures! They are also selling the boosters, but we're going to focus on carrying what you can see, without the gamble aspect. Win-Win!

We're currently going to slot them in the 'Pathfinder Mini's' section with the Pathfinder Second Edition products, but will most likely open up a whole 'Miniatures and Miniatures Games' section over the course of time. We hope you enjoy these fantastic looking miniatures, and if there's something else out there you think we should take a look at let us know. After all, the 'other' thing we don't get is the daily updates as folks roll through the shop. We do our research, but there's always something new and exciting that I'm sure we're missing. So if you have the inclination, we'd love to hear from you. 

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