Solo Spotlight: Aliens – Bug Hunt

We produce a Solo Spotlight every week, and every other week our friends over at the Solosaurus podcast review a solo game as well. This is one of those weeks! On Episode #70 Martin and Michael review the new game Aliens: Bug Hunt where you step into your favorite character from the movie Aliens and attempt to escape the complex as xenomorphs converge from every direction...and the xenomorphs are smart, relentless, and hungry! How is it solo?

As the game is produced by Upper Deck you know the components are great, and the game box looks a bit like an ammo can which definitely helps with the theme. Set up and playtime are fast, so it's something you can drop on the table after a long day at work and slay some xenomorphs. As there is no hidden information between players, it's not difficult to play multiple characters in order to build out your team. Turn order is based on the phase deck, which adds interesting wrinkles to round strategy. Relatively easy at the beginning, challenge ramps up quite nicely by the end. One negative is the rulebook, which is split into four and is a bit of a rough ride for solo play, but after a play or maybe two everything clicks nicely. Also, the theme is really for older players and not something that is very child friendly...think the same audience that should sit through the movie. Other than that though, this is a quick, fun, and exciting game that is dripping with theme. Enjoy!

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