Solo Spotlight: Bargain Quest

It's a well known fact that suppliers for the gold rush were the real winners...and the same can be said for those who supply heroes with the gear they need to defeat monsters in Bargain Quest. 2 - 6 Player, 30 - 60 Minutes playing time and Ages 8 and up. How is it solo?

Well, first of all there is Solo Mode, an expansion pack that contains 20 competitor cards and the rules needed to enjoy the game as a solo experience. And how is that game? While it is a high score to victory, shifting focus from gaining money to fighting monsters makes for a remarkably good solo variant and it's extremely difficult to get a good score. It is also possible to vary the difficulty by adjusting the number of cards drafted, with 6 as the standard...drafting 5 makes it more difficult, etc. Also, the cards you draft will make you alter your strategy on the fly, so the game becomes more skill than luck to win. The significant difference from multiplayer is the game shifts to keeping the hero alive as long as possible, and it's game over if you lose all of your heroes. So, don't worry as much about your display, and keep your hero in the game! Like many multiplayer games, generally more players is better, but if you're a solo fan and want to take Bargain Quest for a spin, there's plenty to like!

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