Solo Spotlight: Cthulhu – Death may Die

In Cthulhu: Death may Die, the rituals have already started and an elder god will be summoned into this world to annihilate everything and everyone. Late on the scene you may be able to disrupt the ceremony just enough cause a vulnerability to be able to destroy the monstrosity...but you'll have to be quick! The game rates in the 8's on Board Game Geek and is in the Top 35 Thematic games out of thousands of rated games. Players find it to be immersive with interesting decisions to make every turn, the characters feel and play differently, and it provides tense, fun, and thematic gameplay. How does it play Solo?

First of all, the minis are fantastic, and unlike some other CMON games the solo mode in this game is very robust. Set up is very fast as well. There are five investigators to choose from and the rules state you should solo play with two investigators which is challenging. Adding investigators has benefits and drawbacks, so you can experiment with your own variations there. Combat is more of the focus here, and not so much exploration as in other Lovecraftian themed titles. Combat is a tense, lightly strategic puzzle where proper planning is imperative to success. It is a dice chucker, and the luck factor can be a part of the gameplay, but dice are rolled so often it really does even itself out. There are 12 episodes in the base box, and replay value is extremely high as the scenarios can be changed up by changing the elder god or investigator combinations - plus the mythos and discovery cards add variety as well. If you're looking for a crunchy, thinky detailed wargame this isn't it. If you're looking for a fast-paced good time then you've come to the right place!

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