Solo Spotlight: Euphoria


We face our future in this week's solo spotlight: Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. So you know, Brandon and Carter just released Episode #62 at Solosaurus podcast where they provide their always amazing, insightful, and exceptional characterization of this very game while focusing on solo play. We like to listen to them on Spotify, but they are sure to be availalbe whatever audio service you enjoy.  

Yes, it says 2 - 6 players on the box, but with the recently released Ignorance is Bliss expansion solo play is possible. Now, the original Euphoria has been around for quite a long time, but it's quite obvious that Jamey Stegmaier listened to players and critics in the development of the Ignorance is Bliss expansion. Not only does it fix issues with the base game (tunnel tracks, minority bonus, doubles rule, reduces luck factor - among others, and does all of this with the addition of only a few rules) but opens up the way for solo play through the addition of an automa. Not only does it allow for solo play, but it rounds out the game for any lower player counts. Like almost all of the games published by Stonemaier, its production is excellent. It even has a Game Trayz brand storage system included in the base game - that accomodates sleeved cards. Also like many of Jamey's games, it will most likely take a playthrough or two in order to fully appreciate and understand what exactly is going on. We do have 'how to play' videos included below to help in that area. That time investment is well worth it though, as the worker/dice placement and variable powers on the cards really start to click. So, if you like games on the bit more crunchy side, enjoy worker/dice placement games and are interested at all in the theme you should really give this one a shot. 

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