Solo Spotlight: Field Commander Napoleon

This week we shine the spotlight on Field Commander Napoleon, a pure solo / 1 player Wargame. The solo concept is especially intriguing for this game as commanders, even when surrounded by aids, advisors and soldiers, are alone in making the final decision. How well would you do in making these decisions, which not only affect lives and control the flow of battle, but also decide the very fate of nations? This game is approachable, especially by wargame standards, but has great variety between the 11 scenarios - and at a nice hour per scenario it's not that difficult to string them together for a good campaign. Most players say this is an exceptional balance between operational strategy and battle field tactics. Bottom line, it's big but not too complicated and is an incredible value with so much game in the box. 

Our friends over at the Solosaurs podcast are reviewing a solo wargame this week too, though a bit heavier than this one in Charlemagne: Master of Europe in Episode #64. You should give them a listen!

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