Solo Spotlight: Friday

We spotlight solo gaming every Friday, and every other Friday we mirror our friends at the Solosaurus podcast and in Episode #69 this week they discuss...well, Friday the strategy deck-building card game. A true solo staple on solo board gaming tables everywhere, this classic is among the short list of games that must be played. In the game you are Friday, and must help Robinson Crusoe survive the hazards of the deserted island. Scoring in the 7's on Board Game Geek, let's dive in a bit, shall we?

Personally, the reason Friday resonates so well even almost a decade after it was released is in how it paved the way. Challenging, hard to win, and sometimes counter-intuitive. If you stick with it, these kinds of solo games teach you how to approach problem solving in different ways. It is a bit luck based due to the card draws, but that's also life. You might have that promotion all lined up - years of hard work...and then corporate pulls in some stranger from another division for the position. just drew the wrong card there! Seriously though, many solo games are meant to be played, not necessarily meant to be won - at least not every time. In any case, this does what the best deck-builders do. Start off with basically nothing and thru the game acquire skills and knowledge slowly becoming better and ultimately facing the pirates at the end. Also, like many solo games, there is a specific strategy that will make playing the game more efficient...but it's still difficult. Small in stature but punching well above its weight, Friday is in our list of games that everyone interested in solo gaming should at least try. For those who want streamlined ways to win or don't want to spend the time grinding until it clicks, then they will most likely not enjoy this game. Which is okay, as there is no game that's for everyone, right?

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