Deluxe Grimm Tales of the Wood

Solo Spotlight: Grimm Tales of the Wood

This week we shine the light on a game you've probably never heard of, the strategic and wonderfully thematic card game Grimm Tales of the Wood, which is set in a stark, authentic, Germanic version of the tales of the Brothers Grimm. It is a cooperative adventure / survival card game that's great for solo or more players comprised of ONLY cards allowing for accessibility, variable game play with fast setup and tear down. Designed to circumvent counters, dice, booklets, excess text, tracks, dead-time, and remain complex, deep and re-playable.

This game came to us off of the beaten path, and if you're looking for something fantastically unique and one-of-a-kind, this is the game. Play is fluid and fun. If you're into the Grimm stories and tales at all, the theme is absolutely spot on; wonder, dread, consequence and surrealism. The game designer claims his grandmother was classmates with Grimm's grandchildren in school and she carried the original stories through the generations; neither romanticized like the American version or darker as it's been known to be - but just right. We really hope you give this game a spin. How rare is it? As of writing this, there is only 1 rating and 3 reviews on Board Game Geek...why not add your mark as well?

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