Solo Spotlight: Legacy of Dragonholt


This week's solo spotlight is on the story-driven, narrative gem that either is or is not a game...Legacy of Dragonholt. This beauty resides in the murkey hinterlands between board game and roleplaying game, so read on to find out why it proudly sits on many solo board gamers Top 25 lists but doesn't crack a 7.5 on Board Game Geek. 

Legacy of Dragonholt is the kind of game that a player should know what they are getting into before they break into that shiny new shrink wrap. For those looking to move pieces on a board, manipulate some cards, develop long-term gaming strategy, or maybe flick a chip...this is not it. For the hard core roleplayers who have years of robust campaigning experiences, this game may seem to throttle them too much. However, for those who enjoy a light roleplaying experience without the need for a Game Master, happened to love "choose your own adventure" books growing up, and appreciate an excellent story in their gaming experience, then this might just find a spot on their table. Also, Legacy of Dragonholt seems to play better with fewer players; so solo or with a pair is a really good way to go. Intrigued? Why not take the journey to Dragonholt and find out what larger mystery is at the heart of it all?

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