Solo Spotlight: Mage Knight

This week's solo spotlight is on Mage Knight. I can say we were hesitant as we can not keep it in stock, but our friends at the Solosaurus podcast went with it, so we're providing our two cents as well. First, check out our thoughts, then jump to Episode 67 where the old and new Solosaurus crews are reviewing at the same time! It's...historic! 

Mage Knight is an extremely polarizing game, but it seems the most popular games...just are. Much of the negative chatter is validated, as the game is not that easy to learn, especially if trying to learn using only the rulebook. However, the game is actually easier to play than the rules might suggest. While we attempt to learn all games via the rules first (yes...a bit insane), this is the kind of game that warrants a trip to 'how to play' videos and specific play scripts from Board Game's a link to How to Start playing Mage Knight that provides the videos and documents to get you started right. 

Also, this is a game that plays better at smaller player counts, and is considered one of the premium solo games, a continual title on solo board gamers Top 25 lists. 

It's a time hog, especially at first. That scares folks off, but if you carve out some time to learn the game...its true, amazing colors begin to shine through: exceptional card drafting, significant strategy, workable puzzle, wonderful production value, and great theme. Of course, the time sink comes in for set-up as well, but for those that can leave it out, one of our tricks is to set it up at the end of a gaming session, to be the first game the next time we play. 

Bottom line, this is one of the finest games available, especially for solo players, and is well worth the cost of entry. 

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