Solo Spotlight: One Deck Dungeon

This week we step back from the big, flashy games for a moment and shine the spotlight on a compact, easy to set up / tear down, entry-level priced, and just plain fun experiences in the roguelike card game One Deck Dungeon. 

It's true that One Deck Dungeon can be played with 2, and by adding two games together it can be played with 4 - but for the purists out there the real challenge comes in one handed original solo rules. Let me tell you straight away that your chosen character will die. A lot. However, that's the way of roguelike games. The idea, much like building up your character in roleplaying games, is to work your way thru the dungeon attempting to obtain as much experience as possible before reaching the end - which could come by trap or monster. All is not lost though, that experience carries over to the character to make them a bit better - to attempt the dungeon again. As the game uses cards, no two dungeon crawls are exactly the same. Also, the game uses D6 rolls for success or failure, and like any game that runs on D6 it can be brutal when the dice don't behave. However, as your character is building experience, they are developing better ways to use the dice, obtaining additional dice, etc. so that eventually those bad rolls don't hurt so bad and the good rolls can be absolutely amazing. With as many characters that come in the base game, there is all sorts of dungeon crawling adventures ahead to build those characters up. After a few plays you start facing the boss...and, with the feeling of real accomplishment and victory, you eventually take the dungeon boss down! All of that work was worth it! So, if that sounds like something you'd be interested in we encourage you to give it a shot. The price is right...there's way more game than one could imagine in that small box. Highly recommended! We have both the base game and the first expansion as well - why not check them out?

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