Solo Spotlight: Phantom Leader Deluxe

This week we RTB after going both Winchester and Bingo on fuel during our combat sortie. That's right, we're flying over unfriendly skies during the Vietnam War in Phantom Leader Deluxe. A true solo player wargame, your job is to command a squadron of pilots to victory against a determined enemy while maneuvering a difficult political environment. Welcome to the 'Nam. 

The goal is to destroy military objectives; like bridges, bases, or harassing enemy movement. There are tasks to accomplish before, during, and after each combat mission, and the planning phase is extremely important in setting the squadron up for a successful run. There is a lot to account for when first playing the game, but after a few turns things begin to settle out and all of the pilot cards, aircraft, weapons, and scenarios start to make more sense. Like any game that uses dice, sometimes they just seem dead set against you - but that is one of the best examples of the combatants "best friend" in Murphy. You know, Murphy's Law in that if something can go wrong, it will. Well worth the time invested, after a few plays completing a mission will no longer seem impossible, and instead you'll be looking to string those campaigns together. 

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