Solo Spotlight – Root


Root is a strategy and wargame of adventure where 1 to 6 players (with the appropriate expansions) battle for control of a vast wilderness. It is up to the player(s) to decide which group will ultimately take root. Just fully released in retail, we have all of the available Root products in stock! This is an extremely likable and fun game, scoring in the Top 20 Wargames and Top 30 Strategy games out of thousands of rated games on Board Game Geek. You're probably thinking that's neat, but how is it solo? We got you...

While The Riverfolk expansion opens up solo play, things really come into their own with the addition of the Clockwork Expansion that not only helps solo play, but allows player count of any number to adds players due to its excellent automa system - so, for solo or even 2 players this becomes a required addition. Interestingly, each expansion also cleans up and smooths out rules from the base game - so each not only increases game playability, but also increases replayability by adding cards, boards and creatures. It does this without adding too many overhead actions or rule adjustments that might make the game unwieldy as the game grows, a wonderful balancing act. Overall, this is an exceptional solo game and comes highly recommended.  

About little about the expansions. The Riverfolk expansion allows 1 - 6 players, adds two new factions, new vagabonds, and new game modes. The Clockwork Expansion streamlines the automa, creating four automated factions for solo, competitive or cooperative games. The Underworld Expansion adds two new factions and a new board (in these kinds of games, new boards create excellent replayability), The Exiles and Partisans Deck provides an alternate card deck with new persistent powers. The Vagabond Pack provides three new Vagabonds and some bling in the form of custom meeples. Finally, the Clearing Markers make the woodland more visible.

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