Solo Spotlight: Tiny Epic Tactics

Not only are we highlighting Tiny Epic Tactics this week, but so are our friends over on the Solosaurus podcast in Episode 66! Will this small footprint, easy to set-up and tear down, quick to play strategy game on 3-D terrain searching for the six crystals earn the coveted Stomp of Approval? You'll have to tune in and see! (we like to listen on Spotify)

While we're not sure what Brandon and Carter have to say about Tiny Epic Tactics, we have some thoughts. First, the Tiny Epic games are generally not deep strategy games with countless levels of complexity, and this entry into the Tiny Epic Universe is no exception. It is a relatively light (though surprisingly deep for a game with this footprint), small, and rules limited (meaning it is also easy to teach) game great for newer players and for those looking for quick plays between heavier gaming sessions. If you've beaten Gloomhaven and its expansions this may not be as fun for you. The use of terrain to make the 3-D maps is very creative, there just aren't that many things like it out there. Add the additional Maps Expansion and there are more maps - and as everyone knows more maps equals more variety / replayability. There are plenty of heroes to play and things to do - with so many game modes right out of the box! We say this is a great, cost friendly, entry level strategy game that has place on the table. Those looking for Complexity 3+, or deeply strategic games may not enjoy it as much. 

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