Solo Spotlight: Vinhos Deluxe Edition

This week's solo spotlight is on Vinhos Deluxe Edition. You may have noticed that we attempt to time our game Solo Spotlights with Brandon and Carter's Solosaurus podcast on a bi-weekly basis. This is one of those weeks, so if you want to hear what is most likely the finest podcast on solo board gaming, and to see if Vinhos Deluxe Edition earns the rare Stomp of Approval, check out Episode 63 at Solosaurus podcast.

Now, Vinhos Deluxe Edition is the reimplementation of Vinhos, and the updated version scores a remarkable 8.2 on Board Game Geek. Additionally, it ranks in the Top 60 Strategy games and just outside the Top 110 of all ranked games...which there are over 12,000. It is a Vital Lacerda game, and if you haven't heard that name before you are about to be introduced to a whole new level of board game. Lacerda is a maestro of Euro-style games, where so many intersecting and varying possibilities the strategic paths become numerous. This is the kind of board game that takes a few plays to fully understand all the nuances...but that time spent is well worth it because once it clicks, it's really something to behold. As just a solo game it is totally worth it. As with other Lacerda games the AI opponent, or Automa, is exceptional. In this game, the Automa works through two decks of cards which is simple to play, but is presented in an extremely clever way. The production is amazing, the art is vibrant and the gameplay is smooth. Also, we currently have the game on sale, so you can check it out for yourself! (It is an expensive game...but remember if you buy $100 worth of products we'll ship it for free. With the size of this game you'll want to have it shipped for free! So we suggest you search around for something to round out your order.)

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Vinhos Deluxe

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1 – 4 Players, 60 – 135 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. Vinhos Deluxe Edition scores in the 8’s on Board Game Geek and is in the top 60 strategy games of over 12,000 rated games. This version makes the game solo player friendly. Players love the excellent art and the action selection is great, simple, but very deep – making for gritty decisions. With only 6 full rounds, each action is vitally important. This is the strategic craft of fine winemaking. Manufacturer: Eagle-Gryphon Games. Categories: Economic and Industry / Manufacturing. Game Mechanics: Area Majority / Influence, Variable Phase Order, and Worker Placement.


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Vinhos (the Portuguese word for “wines”) is a trading and economic game about the business of wine making. Despite its small size, Portugal is one of the world’s leading wine producers. Over six years of harvests, cultivate your vines, choose the best varieties, hire the best oenologists, take part in trade fairs, and show your opponents you are the best winemaker in the game. As winemakers in Portugal, the players develop their vineyards and produce wine to achieve maximum profit. The object of the game is to produce quality wines that can be exchanged for money or victory points. The Vinhos Deluxe Edition is designed by Vital Lacerda and features new art from Ian O’Toole, all components and improved rules of the original game of Vinhos, and a new simplified version of the game. The board is double-sided and features both versions of the game. Here are the main differences from the first edition of Vinhos:
  • Double-sided player boards can be used in both game versions
  • A ninth region has been added
  • A new estate has been added
  • The Farmer (a new character) has been added
  • The Fair has been streamlined with new mechanisms
  • 18 actions tiles to replace the manager’s actions
  • 22 multiplier tiles to final scoring
  • The bank action has been removed
  • The zero initial Vintage tile has been removed
  • The exportation action has been optimized for 2 players
  • A few small rules like the limit on experts was removed and the action replaced for another vineyards action
  • No exceptions on a number of things you can do in your turn, now you can buy, hire, sell, export 1 or 2 things in every action
  • Explanation of gameplay was reduced a lot
  • New solo rules designed for the new game version

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