Spotlight on Pathfinder Second Edition

This week's spotlight is on Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game. It's been a wild and crazy year since it was launched in August 2019. Did you know that it's a culmination of over a decade of development and feedback from more than 125,000 gamers? The Second Edition smooths out and cleans up rules from the game's 'Mathfinder' origins. A lot of folks were going to wait until there were more products availalbe before jumping in...and it's safe to say that time has come! The core rulebooks include Core and Advanced Player's Guides, a Gamemastery Guide, and two Bestiary books. There are numerous Lost Omens tomes rounding out Golarian. There are two completed six-part Adventure modules: Age of Ashes and Extinction Curse with Agents of Edgewatch just starting up...not to mention the one-shots ready to play. There are so many GM and Player aids and helpful products; everything from Character Sheets, Flip-Maps, Spell Cards, Decks of all kinds and even more! We are your full service Pathfinder Second Edition retailer and would be happy to set you up with these shiny new game resources! 

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