Terese Nielsen’s Tokens of Spirit

We are proud to present these Token sets and Playmats designed by Terese Nielsen. We have both essential, and premium foil versions of 72 iconic tokens popularized by the Magic the Gathering card game. Additionally, we have three variations of playmat: City's Blessing, Dragon, and Zombie. Needless to say, all of these products will definitely spice up your table! These are extremely limited, so once they are gone...they're gone. 

Having illustrated for Magic: the Gathering for over 20 years, Terese is one the most popular and beloved artists to ever illustrate for the game. With over 200 cards to her credit, she is also one of its most prolific.

While illustrating for Magic has been a rewarding experience, Terese has always wanted to experiment with new materials, media, and techniques that expand well beyond the world of Magic.

The Tokens of Spirit project is the realization of this desire, for Terese to explore and expand her artistic horizons while creating some of the most beautiful and engaging Tokens and Playmats the world has ever seen. 

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