Theros Beyond Death – Singles now Available!

The latest Magic the Gathering set: Theros Beyond Death is now available here at Stone Valley Games! Sagas are back, there are Brand new Mechanics, and if you really like a color you can again Show your Devotion! Just click the Theros Beyond Death link in the Expansions section of our Magic the Gathering page.

How do we go above and beyond? First, we photograph our own cards and don’t use stock photos so you can get a better feel for what you’re buying. Second, we sleeve the cards that leave our shop and package everything well to ensure the cards gets to you properly. We don’t use any tape on anything plastic! By using the First Class USPS shipping option at checkout, your shipping costs are generally under $5! If you’re loading up for that hot new deck and spend $100 or more, that shipping is free!

We know you have a lot of options in buying Magic the Gathering, but encourage you to give us a try. Fair prices, we get the product out exceptionally fast, and we provide world-class customer service. We hope to hear from you soon!