This Week’s Solo Spotlight: Maracaibo


This week's solo spotlight is on the wonderful strategy board game Maracaibo, where you gain influence as you sail in the 17th Century Caribbean. You know our friends at Solosaurus just released a podcast about this game, and it is required listening! Find Episode #58 at Solosaurus where we will see if this game can draw the coveted Stomp of Approval from Brandon and Carter. (though we prefer to listen to them on Spotify). They also will reveal the Castle Itter board game winner! Check out the video below to watch Eric draw the winner's name!

Bottom line, Maracaibo is an excellent solo board game. It scores an 8.3 on Board Game Geek and sits just outside the Top 60 Strategy games, which is amazing considering the game has only been out for slightly over a year. Why all the chatter? Well, it has an excellent engine/tableau building game mechanic with a significant amount of variety in the options department that spark multiple strategies. Multiple? How about building cards, prestige cards, explorer track, game income generation, and even combat. All of that variety adds a lot of replayability to the game! We still have a few copies left, you can check out our prices and information below if you'd like to pick up a copy. 

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