Weekly Spotlight on Planet Apocalypse


This week we shake it up a little and instead of reaching back for a golden oldie or misunderstood title, we pull the thread on a new release. Just released is the darkly themed strategy miniatures game from the company that brought you Cthulhu Wars; Planet Apocalypse. Solo friendly and ready to ship, you might want to add something to your order when picking this up to obtain free shipping at the $100 threshold...this game is huge!

Planet Apocalypse is, at its heart, a tower defense game. However, with its exceptional components, good miniatures and engaging theme, this is not your run-of-the-mill tower defense. It is difficult, extremely tactical, and every decision counts - sometimes pivoting to the final move during a boss fight. The characters progress...and they need to in order to keep up with the increasing baddies. The dice provide just enough luck to keep it interesting. The different tiles create different boards, making each game unique which really adds to replayability. Solo friendly, this game tends to play better with fewer players as there is less to do the more players there are. Overall most players consider the game very balanced and playable. The largest deterrent we noticed was the base price of the game is high because of the miniatures. However, at our significantly reduced price it really makes the game affordable - especially for a miniatures game. 

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