Wooden Dice Box (Project 2) Introduction Video

Stone Valley Games in association with O Dark Thirty Woodworks brings you the Wooden Dice Box game accessory. We designed this dice box for the gamer on the move, as it holds items used in a regular gaming session yet is easily packed up and ready for the road.

Check out the video

A functional piece of art, every dice box is hand made. There will be two varieties. The more expensive dice box is shown here, with the finger joints and machining. A second box, with different joints and other streamlining functions, will be sold for less. Both versions will have the following features:
Protective coating in the bottom of the box to protect the wood from those heavy metal die and provide an amazing sheen.
Player name or small logo on the sliding lid incorporated in cost.
Integrated storage for figures, tokens, dice, pens/pencils and more!
100% hand-made wooden construction from a veteran owned small business
Original design specifically made for the gamer on the move, but looks beautiful just staying at home.

Once we have a few more physical representations of both of the dice boxes we will be opening up preorders.

Wooden Dice Box Photo Gallery

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