Grand Wooden Dice Box Preorder Special

Preorder Special ends 3 April 2020!
If you order now you will not only receive free engraving, but we will take 10$ off the base price. That's a savings of over $20 on this beautiful, functional piece of art!

Stone Valley Games in association with O Dark Thirty Woodworks brings you the Grand Wooden Dice Box. Grand? Is sure is, at over 15" x 10" x 2". We designed it for the gamer on the move, as it also stores items used in gaming sessions and can be easily packed up and ready for the road. Check out the video to see it in action!

Significant difference between the Dice Boxes is the wood used and corner bonding style. Both dice boxes include:

  • 100% hand-made wooden construction
  • Removable sliding storage area lid. You can have your name, moniker, initials, etc. engraved in the wooden lid to personalize your dice box
  • Size: 15.25" x 10" x 2.25"
  • Epoxy protection. A layer of epoxy protects the bottom of the dice box but still allows full view of the beautiful wood surface
  • Integrated storage for figures, tokens, dice, pens/pencils, and more
  • Chamfered edge on base (provides a floating effect)
  • Completely original design specifically made for the gamer on the move, but looks just as beautiful staying at home!

All Grand Dice Boxes are functionally identical. However, as each dice box is hand made there may be slight wood imperfections or tiny differences in size.

Select either Dice Box to learn more about it and to set up your engraving:

See the Dice Box in Action!

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