Solo Game of the Week – and a Game Giveaway?!

This week's solo spotlight is on Charterstone. Before I say anything else, you should check out Episode #57 at the Solosaurus podcast where Brandon and Carter dissect it...and they also talk about how to enter the Castle Itter board game giveaway

Now, Charterstone, the Stonemaier game from "way back" in 2017, is making a bit of a resurgence. Jamey Stegmaier felt it didn't get an opportunity to reach its full potential, so is kicking it around again. We put our ear to the ground and by distilling comments we've heard back from players, the legacy game does grow on you the more it's played, but early game mistakes can be devastating. Components are amazing and game quality fantastic, but some complain there isn't much to do once the village has been built. So, it's a bit of a toss-up among players, but with our sale going on you can safely check it out for yourself!

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