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The 2023 Black Friday Sale!!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! From our family to you and yours, we hope you're having a fantastic day of food, family, and fellowship! I'll tell you what, I'm glad I'll be running around fulfilling orders over the next few days to help work some of this off :D For now though, please read on to learn more about our Black Friday sale starting 9 AM CT on 24 November.


Everything in the webstore will be 55% off throughout the event! The sale will run from 9:00 AM Central Time 24 November thru 11:59 PM Central Time 25 November. We will be using a discount code, which is:


The code will be active throughout the sales event. The code will also be prominently displayed on the website, so anyone can participate. Just enter the code in the appropriate area upon checkout and the system will do the rest. 

Don't forget about your Stones! We have discontinued our Stones program and will eliminate all system Stones completely come 1 January 2024. However, customers that still have Stones are grandfathered until then - so make sure to use them! 

For local customers, the storefront will be closed. Once you've ordered, please wait for our validation email before scheduling your pickup. Also know that we have already posted special pickup dates & times on the website regarding our Black Friday sale. 

No combining orders to save on shipping. Due to the anticipated sales volume, we will not be able to 'add to' or combine orders if you make a follow-on order after your first to save on shipping. I tried that during the last sale, and it was very disruptive and chaotic. We don't have an automated way to streamline that and... Trust me when I say that we're good...but we're a tiny team, so please have mercy on us! 

Free shipping. We will support free Contiguous US shipping on orders of $100 and greater (as the order sits after all coupons), and as always will provide free shipping to our overseas military and diplomats in AA, AE, or AP addresses regardless of order size.

As for shipping timelines, our regular customers know we move these orders as quickly and efficiently as we can. So please have patience as we anticipate fairly heavy volume. Know that we will send you a personalized note once your items are packed up which will be followed by tracking information. 

Help us spread the word! Everything in the webstore is on sale. Not only board games, but we have so many Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and other roleplaying game books that folks have not seen at these prices from us...ever before. And don't forget the card sleeves, dice, and other gaming accessories! What a perfect time to save a bundle on all of that too. 

If you could help us by sharing this sale with your family & friends, not to mention gaming groups, sites or establishments - we'd appreciate it! Sharing our post on Facebook is helpful too. As we noted several weeks ago, we are attempting to cull the majority of our product line to shrink the store considerably before the end of the year. We'd rather see these items go to gamers who want them vice donating to the local public library system. Thanks in advance! 

Finally...we hope you find something you've been looking for at an amazing price! 


  1. Eric Cerevic on November 23, 2023 at 12:13 pm

    I have a $5 discount coupon from I believe a Google survey I completed some months back; on the last sale, I had to choose between it or the sale discount coupon, so I chose the sale discount. So I can use one coupon and stones, correct?

    • Stone Valley on November 23, 2023 at 12:20 pm

      I don’t think the $5 discount coupon works with any other coupon. The discount and Stones should work together…