I’ll take the Inchstones

Continued tweaking the web page, also adding the Stone Valley fantasy setting introduction. It explains where ‘Stone Valley’ comes from. From this brief introduction a whole world will emerge. I already have a large portion of it scripted and crudely mapped out, but want to take my time revealing it. We are developing our own line of Stone Valley products, and the first will be the obelisk itself. I’m working with a really talented business owner in the 3D to production market and I think it will be a long-lasting partnership. He took some scribbled concepts of mine and is turning them into something cool, though we have a ways to go still. I’ll create some RPG rules for the obelisk that will work in different games and see how it goes. More miniatures will follow. The second distributor reached out today, but I’ve yet to land one. Juggling schedules and missed phone calls. I haven’t begun sorting through all the MTG cards, narrowing that down will be a job in itself. So, no giant leaps forward, like milestones, but as this is not my full time job I’ll take the inchstones. Every little bit in the right direction feels good.