Next Original Product…

Now that the first original Stone Valley product, the Stone Valley Obelisk miniature is complete and on the shelves ready to go it’s time to talk about our next project – a wooden dice box. Here are a few very rough examples to provide a general idea of the creative process.

Initial Conceptual Design

Both of these are made of pine, which will not be used in the final product, but works well for conceptual designs. Here’s the first concept:

It integrates a storage area right into the box and uses a flip hinge design. There are several issues with this design right now. The wood is too wide, and the flip lid is too indented – things can fall back in the space and be hard to reach. Also, the corners are not very elegant. Finally, the overall size, especially with the width, makes it look bulky. Plenty to work on, but a very good start!

Pine again, but stained this time. Like I mentioned already, the final product will be hardwood. This second design is a bit thinner and the corners look better. I think we can go thinner still, but this is much closer. The removable storage is interesting, and could show off contrasting wood colors…but then it becomes something that can get misplaced, and no one wants that.

However, both concepts really sparked our creative juices. After a bit of back-and-forth with the woodworker we are going to develop two distinctly different dice boxes, but they will both have similar functionality. I expect to have working copies of each design very soon and will then share with you the features of our Stone Valley dice boxes that will be sure to please!