That’s One

I’ve secured my first distributor, and things are starting to feel more real. It’s one thing to come up with a concept, get the business license, slog thru tax law, build a website, and on, and on. However, until there are things to sell everything else could be for naught. It’s a risk, because building everything up first is a necessary for credibility. Now that there’s one on board I’m confident I’ll get the others. I want to maintain at least three distributors and focus a part of the store with each one. This redundancy will help me build loyalty across several brands. We also started sorting the MTG cards. I think I’ll individually sell the cards worth a dollar or more, and mix the rest for instant collections; there will be hidden treasures galore. We don’t have the manpower or time to sort, catalog, and sell cards at .05 cents. I’ll let the big boys do that, and I won’t consign with the mega sellers either. Not worth it. When people check out our site they can stop in the MTG section and see what’s up. There will always be something to see.