2021 black friday sale wide

Thank You So Much! And…Black Friday!

We're popping into your Thanksgiving to let you know we appreciate you! Our Thanksgiving tradition is to remind each other what we're thankful for. Well, one of the things we're thankful for is you! Thank You so much for supporting our small business, and I can honestly say without you...we wouldn't be here. We love what we do, and we're so glad you give us the opportunity to do it!

I also wanted to let you know that we're kicking off our Black Friday Sales Event tonight. Read on for all the details!


What we've done is curated around 300 items (of our over 1,600 available) that will see price cuts from 30% to 50%. There will be things from all over the store and from every category. They will be displayed alphabetically under their sales percentage banner and everything is on one page. There'll be a 30%, a 40%, and a 50% section. Having everything on one page will make it easy for you to compare / contrast and select!

We're also going to have a special section at the very bottom for our Lacerda games and a few other Eagle-Gryphon Games titles that we generally never put on sale. We're going to cut the prices on these titles as much as we possibly can.

Don't forget your Stones and gift certificates will work with these online items too! This is where your loyalty points come in super handy!


I was toying with the idea of identifying about 200 games for Black Friday and then 200 different games for Small Business Saturday. However, that would dilute the sale, so instead of dividing we're going to combine Black Friday with Small Business Saturday and run it all thru Sunday.

Now the main sales event will run online from 10 PM CET on Thanksgiving until about 7 PM CET on Sunday, 28 November.

Sales Link: Black Friday Sale! - Stone Valley Games

This link will be hot at 10 PM Central Time tonight, Thanksgiving 25 November and go cold on 7 PM on Sunday, 28 November.

We're also looking forward to our local customers stopping in! Unlike normal operations, we are going to bypass the appointment system for the sales event and will accept folks as they arrive. Local folks, don't forget you can use curbside delivery - which might be a good idea for things you see here don't want to miss out on! The key is to select 'local pickup' in your shipping options when you check out. 

Local Store Hours:

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 12:00 PM CET - 7:00 PM CET

Saturday: 12:00 PM CET - 7:00 PM CET

Sunday: 12:00 PM CET - 7:00 PM CET

Monday: Closed


On Sunday night, around 10 PM Central time, the store will switch from a $100 US Contiguous free shipping threshold to a $75 US Contiguous free shipping threshold as we switch focus to Cyber Monday. 

We wanted so much to mirror what we did last year with a $50 threshold, but there have been so many shipping price increases this year we just couldn't make it work. 

It's still an incredible deal though! Yes, we'll have 300-ish items on special for the Sales Event, but we will still have over 1,300 items that maintain their normal sales prices. Lowering the shipping threshold will help you get those titles home!

Note for our local customers, we will ONLY be taking online orders on Monday, 29 November, the storefront will be closed. 



Black Friday Sales Event: 10 PM Central Thursday 25 November to 7 PM Central Sunday 28 November

Cyber Monday: 10 PM Central Sunday 28 November to 10 PM Central Monday 29 November. Online orders only. 

Here's the link one more time: Black Friday Sale! - Stone Valley Games


Thursday: Closed (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Friday: 12:00 PM CET - 7:00 PM CET

Saturday: 12:00 PM CET - 7:00 PM CET

Sunday: 12:00 PM CET - 7:00 PM CET

Monday: Closed

We'll leave you now... and we look forward to you visiting online or in person!