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Weekly Store Update: 24 February

Nothing too crazy this week, just wonderful 'business as usual' around here slinging games and books. There are a few new items to check out along with some restock and preorders too. You might want to get your orders in now though as we'll be out next week. Click in to check those stories and discover more about our upcoming sale!


Welcome to our weekly newsletter! For our new readers I'm Eric, and Wendy and I run Stone Valley Games. This newsletter is our way to share both local and world-wide gaming news of interest that popped up last week. It also provides our subscribers, both local and remote, some information on the going's on around here so everyone feels like part of the action. At the bottom of this newsletter we show you the restocks, new items, and preorders added to the store last week. It's not too difficult to navigate, so let's get to it!


If you've had your eye on something in the shop, make sure to get your order in before next Thursday. That's right, March 2nd, around 6:30 PM Central Time, we'll be shutting down our storefront, webstore, and our Deckbox and TCGPlayer channels. We'll have everything shut down for about a week, then turning everything back on sometime on Sunday March 12th. Hard to pin that 'turn on' time just yet as we never know how the return will go. 

We'll leave one last notice in next week's newsletter, and we'll have a big banner across the top of the website reminding folks while we're gone too. I've already set up Google with the closure and updated our Store Hours link on the website too. I think that's about it... almost ready to go!


We saw this from our Paizo partners and just had to share it. They now have a tremendous 'Humble Bundle' special and have just extended it until March 2nd. As we're still out of stock on so many of the basic books, we figured this would help gap until we get those in. Here's the details:

Paizo has partnered with Humble Bundle to create a special digital deal to help you and your friends play Pathfinder and support a great open-source cause!

What is a Humble Bundle? Bundles are limited-time collections of games, books, software, and more. Simply pay what you want and choose where your money goes, including to charity. Most bundles come in tiers starting at only $1—but the more you give, the more you get!

Inside this bundle, you’ll find a complete set of digital assets to get you started playing Pathfinder—and inspire you to keep playing for many adventures to come. This includes over $400 in rulebooks, world guides, adventures, and accessories—with top-notch high-fantasy lore and art.

All save one of the products in this bundle are PDFs that you can redeem with codes at the Paizo Store, one code per tier. There are three tiers to this bundle, starting at $5 and ending with a digital $25 tier. The last tier also includes the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Abomination Vaults for Foundry VTT!

To top it off, a portion of your purchase goes to Code for America, which helps municipalities and government institutions implement programs based on open-source software solutions.

Click Here to jump to their site and claim your bundle!


I mentioned last week that we have partnered with Uber to provide delivery to our local customers who live within 10 miles of our store. I tested it out with a few orders to see how it worked and was quite pleased with the results.

The Uber drivers had never done something like this before, and one of them had been a driver for years. So, without even intending it, it looks like we're on the leading edge of this service around here. Food deliveries, yes...but retail? Not so much. However, they were happy to do it and the turnaround time was way faster than I thought it would be. It looks like same day delivery will be the norm, not the exception. 

However, just as I predicted, the web development team is taking their sweet time integrating the capability into the webstore. Funny...they are having the same exact problem I did regarding the radius cutoff. So, I don't feel so bad now thinking I was missing something easy. 

In any case, now that the concept has been tested, it's just a matter of time before we have 'something' of a solution going here. We'll let you know when that option is live. 


We're just three weeks away from our Spring into Fun Sale! That's right, it's our first big sale of the year!

We're going to have deep discounts across the store! I anticipate the sale to be in the 40 to 60-plus discount range. We'll have selected items at even deeper discounts, so keep an eye out for them. 

We don't know exactly 'when' the sale will kick off on the 13th, but it will be early. We'll have that nailed down in future newsletters. 

spring into fun sale 230123

We'll have all the specially priced sale items listed on the website home page shortly after the sale kicks off. So, you can either browse around the store or use the sale sheet to narrow down your selection. 

We're also going to be giving away a little something special to one of our local customers too. That's right, everyone locally who orders for curbside pickup (and...hopefully delivery if that's ready in time) will automatically be entered into a drawing with the winner being announced in the 17 March Newsletter. We haven't selected the 'something special' yet, but we'll have that ready to reveal by next week. 

So, mark your calendars, it's going to be amazing!


Okay, enough news for this week! Below are the Restocks, New Items, and Preorders added to the shop last week. You can click on the item to learn more, and many of the products have review and gameplay videos so you can see the game in action. If you're visiting our page and you'd like to keep up with our giveaways, sales, new products, and articles like this one just create an account here. Once created you will be subscribed to our newsletter and become enrolled in our loyalty system, instantly earning 50 Stones that you can use on your very first order. A Stone? One Stone is equivalent to One Cent. That doesn't sound like much, but you earn 2 Stones for every dollar spent and 5 for each product review, so though it may seem small, those savings add up fast! Redeem your Stones upon checkout, and they can save you up to 10% off your cart total. Loyalty Matters! 

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