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Weekly Store Update: 26 May

We look forward to the break that Memorial Day provides and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of those who gave all for this wonderful nation of ours. It's been quiet on the intake, which gave us some time to finish up assembling the core box of Star Wars: Shatterpoint miniatures and terrain. We have a few photos to show you! There's a few other updates to share and we outline our next sale too. Check it all out!


Welcome to our weekly newsletter! For our new readers I'm Eric, and Wendy and I run Stone Valley Games. This newsletter is our way to share both local and world-wide gaming news of interest that popped up last week. It also provides our subscribers, both local and remote, some information on the going's on around here so everyone feels like part of the action. At the bottom of this newsletter we show you the restocks, new items, and preorders added to the store last week. It's not too difficult to navigate, so let's get to it!


Right off the top I wanted to say this is among the rarest of weeks. We don't have any restock, new items or preorders to show you. It's due to the timing of our intake shipping as all our items this week are hitting on Saturday - so you'll see them next week.

Though, it might give you a chance to take a swim through the webstore if you haven't in a while. There are things sneaking in all the time and you might have missed something.

I also wanted our local customers to know that we are taking Memorial Day off. We're going to be spending some quality family time and it's the perfect opportunity for Nana and me to spoil that grandbaby. Again. Really...can't do that too much or often...


Since the foot traffic was manageable and we didn't get any intake action this week, I had a bit more time to work on that core box of Shatterpoint miniatures. I started the week by finishing the pesky Droid Army. I really need a different set of tweezers than what I've been using but managed to get them together with what I had. In any case, that Droid Army was my last miniature to finish. 

Terrain was next, and I'm happy to report there is quite a bit in the core box. Plenty of bridges and towers and such. What you see in the photos below isn't even everything they have available in the box. I believe there's still one more bridge and one more tower that could be assembled, but I had enough terrain completed to consider the main push of assembly complete. 


Based on my initial plan, I should have been painting this week. So, I'm about a week behind. I have two options. I can either paint and have a few items completed by next week, or switch to rules and gameplay next so I have a good understanding of the game before it launches.

Heck, after thinking about it for a minute, I'm going to start working the rules next. I can always (eventually...) get the paint on the miniatures. However, knowing how the game plays before it launches on June 6th is probably more important.

So, if everything goes to plan, I'll have a report on gameplay along with some situational photos to show you next week - launch week. I'm looking forward to playing! 


In a continuation of last week's story, the developers have indeed reached their technical limit. They cannot get the delivery plugin to cordon off a delivery radius in which those outside the range don't see the option. Weird how that isn't built into the software. As it is, no matter where in the US you live, you'd be able to select 'delivery'. Which...is bad. Especially since we are held to a very precise 10-mile delivery radius. 

Well, after three months of working with the developers (we sent our first help ticket in on February 12th) we're in exactly the same position as when we started. Which means I get to dive back into the plugin software pool to try and find some better tools to help us get this delivery option off the ground. 


It's about time to start talking about our next sale event. However, it's going to be a bumpy ride getting there. Between now and then, we're going to be closed for a time. 

You may recall how I shut the store down for several weeks while I was recovering from my hip replacement surgery late last year. Well, now it's Wendy's turn. She's looking at hip replacement surgery at the end of June. As I'll be Nurse Eric for her recovery, I'm going to shut things down for a few weeks so I can focus on her. 

Then, it may be a few weeks more before things are relatively back to normal, during which the store will be back open. After that we'll be launching our summer sale. I'm thinking a three-day event and is very tentatively scheduled for late July to mid-August. 

As always, we'll have great prices across the store. There's still plenty of time, but make sure you stay tuned here for specific dates and details as the weeks progress. 


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